Difference Between Customer Value and Business in Web Design

There are so many things you have to pay attention when it comes to web design. Sometimes it is very difficult to make balance between three most important things:


Customers are like children they sometimes don’t have a clear picture of what they want, well in most cases it is like that. You need to give them a quality final product but still you have to accomplish their goals and satisfy their needs. Sometimes it is difficult to manage. This is especially difficult if your customer is a person without a taste. He has to be satisfied, but your name and reputation have to be protected too, and this balance is the hardest to accomplish. It is exactly why you need to determinate your target group and stick to that decision. You will make your life and work easier if you simply make a decision who you want to work for at the very first beginning.


Once the decision has been made you will be free to develop your business and improve your work. The most important thing about this step is to make you a good commercial. People have to hear about you if you want them to hire you. A good commercial is more than enough. You can use social media or any other source of advertising, but the best way to promote yourself in this job is a word mouth. There is no better commercial than a satisfied customer. This brings us back again to the target group. Decide who do you want to work for and continue with a good work and you will see how fast you can develop your business.


The value of your work is somewhere between the customer and business. Once you establish a balance between these two, you become a professional. This way your work will be enough popular and people will hire you, but also your will be well-known by the quality of your work and design. When you find that line between an art and the business, you will become a real professional, and you will be able to sell your services with a higher price.



When you are a beginner, it is a very hard to decide what price of your services will be. You need to attract the customers, and you don’t want to be underestimating. This is why your price should be very low as well. If you offer a very low price at the beginning, it will be very difficult to increase the time. You need to find a balance here as well. Don’t let others be cheaper than you but don’t let them be more expensive too. Your offer should match with possibilities of your target group this is why your price should not be so low, you don’t want to attract customers who aren’t able to pay you for your services. In some cases, the price is also advertising.